Friday, 18 September 2009

Excitement in the Wick

Outside my studio, Dace Road in Hackney Wick has been taken over by a huge film unit filming a commercial for Adidas. Its amazing how the art department have transformed the street, they have covered up all the graffiti and bill poster covered walls and doors and replaced them with fake graffiti and bill poster covered walls and doors! Anyway theres lots of dancing in the streets and trendy young things in brightly coloured sports wear racing around on fixed wheel bikes and skateboards. I even saw a mini camera mounted on a Frisbee which was most impressive. Word on the street was that Jay Z was coming down but I think that's all hokum.
We had Ciara here yesterday, but who is this lady with the 'Hollywood smile' being given the star treatment? Checkout the security guy, he's wearing a wire!

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