Friday, 13 January 2012

The Artist(s)

The above painting by Tamara Dubnyckyj 'Rio Repetory' is of the fabulous Rio Cinema in Dalston which is where I went last night to see the brilliant film 'The Artist' 
I am sure you have heard what a great film it is so I won't bang on about that, but what most interested me was the 4.3 format of the film. This virtually square screen size was the original movie format, but when Television came in and movie audiences started to drop, Hollywood introduced Widescreen to get one over on TV.
I have had the pleasure of watching many a brilliant film at the Rio, most of which have been in Widescreen or other modern aspect ratios but watching The Artist in a Cinema built in the 30's for 4.3 proportions was a brilliant cinematic experience. It certainly beat getting a 3D headache wearing plastic specs in multiplex.

The print below 'The End II (Widescreen)' is by artist Richard Roberts who has a great selection of prints on his website.