Thursday, 30 July 2009


I have a postcard pack in Habitat at the moment, 10x postcards (5 different designs) plus envelopes only £3.50 -Bargain!
The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that some designs are slightly different from my screenprints.
They are also have posters and canvas prints of all the designs too.

Monday, 27 July 2009


Gina Cross from A Little Bit Of Art will be down at Kiosk Kiosk on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th July selling lots of nice printed works. Pop in and have a shifty if you are promenading along the southbank of the river Thames outside The Mayor of London's office.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Olympic update No.2

A wire fence now replaces the big blue wall around the Olympic 'village' which is good news for nosey parkers like myself. No chance of sneaking past security for some close ups though.

Interesting fact No.265

Whilst watching a very informative film on youtube documenting the process of letterpress printing I learnt a facinating fact.
The expression 'OUT OF SORTS' as we know means, mildly unwell; not in one's usual health or state of mind.
But do you know where the expression comes from?.... Well I shall tell you....
Since the 17th century 'SORTS' has been the name of the letters used by typographers. So to be 'out of sorts' would clearly be unwelcome to a typesetter mid composition.
Excited and amazed by this fact, I went to my box of odd 'SORTS' and set the phrase and printed it over some old linocut rejects.