Thursday, 15 October 2009

Midcentury Modern

Kate Gibb and I will be showing at Midcentury Modern on Sunday 15th November at Dulwich College Se21.

First time at Midcentury.Modern
Lizzie Allen - wallpaper and upholstery
Matthew Woodhouse - the painstakingly woven saddle stool
James Brown - amazing prints
Archistory - architectural drawings with a history done of your house
Peter and Sally Nencini - illustration and upholstery
Annie Ruthren-Taggart - jewellery
AF Design - furniture
The Design Trip - furniture
Couture Chairs
Anne Barrell - ceramics
No Place Like Home - commissions kitchen textiles from top designers including People Will Always Need Plates
Alex Moore -sculptural outdoor furniture in an amazing array of colours. See it in the Pampas rass courtyard outside and in the contemporary room upstairs.
Regular Designers Showing
Sophie Cook, Eleanor Pritchard, Zoe Murphy, Miller Goodman, People Will Always Need Plates, Michelle Mason, Minimods c , Ella Doran, Doistrinta, Petra Boase, Needles and Hooks, Ruth Green
And not forgetting our lovely mid-century dealers
Rocket Gallery, The Modern Warehouse, Orange & Brown, ID, Park 59, Sarah Potter, Pink Flamingos, Deborah Hurst, Fandango, Inretrospect, Fragile Design, Zeitgeist, metroretro, Firefly House, 52 Meters, C20C, Twentieth Century Interiors, Omnipod, Vera Da Silva, 20th Century Collectables, Haji & White, Designs of Modernity, Blue, Molecula, Retropolitan, Forgotten Fabrics, Ruby in the Dust, Mark Parrish, Post War Design & Before, Pure Imagination, Emma Mason British Prints, Homescape, Inge Connor, Rennies Seaside Modern, Travel On Paper, Tony Wilson, Tim Smith-Vincent Interiors, Cha-Cha-Cha, Richard Wallis Antiks, David Lyon, Midcentury Plus, Kiki Design plus more...

Monday, 12 October 2009


I recently created a logo for Boo Media. I received a letter from them with this nice stamp on the back.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nice signage!

"...I'll have a number 4 at the back and sides and choppy on top please."

The Doors of Contentment

These doors by the harbour in Ramsgate look as please as punch about something. Maybe they are feeling particularly flush.