Wednesday, 21 September 2011

West(Ham)field Stratford City

I am ashamed to admit I have been to the new Westfield Shopping centre three times so far. I went today after picking my son up from school because I wanted to show him the Olympic Park from the drive to the car park and from the viewing point on the third floor in John Lewis.
I also wanted to show him the amazing collection of London photographs in The Getty Images Gallery.
You can see a slide show of the photographs here but you really need to go and see them in the flesh and at large scale to truly get transported through time.
One of my favourite images was the one shown above, noticing it was missing from todays visit I asked where it had gone.
"We had to remove it due to complaints"
"Complaints?" I queried "Why?"
"Because everyone around here is a West Ham fan and they all objected."
.... Crazy eh?